Online Mediation Training in the use of an online platform

Online Mediation Training in the use of an online platform

Online Mediation Training in the use of an online platformOnline Mediation Training in the use of an online platformOnline Mediation Training in the use of an online platform

In Just TWO HOURS you can be mediating online!


Meet Susan Guthrie, the Founder of Learn to Mediate Online and learn more about our training program!  In just two one-hour sessions you will be able to incorporate an online platform into your mediation practice and expand your client base and income potential!

About Susan:

Susan Guthrie, Nationally Recognized Attorney/Mediator and Online Mediation Expert

Attorney  and Mediator Susan Guthrie


Susan Guthrie, nationally recognized as one of the Top Family Law and Mediation Attorneys in the country, has been helping individuals and families navigate separation and divorce for 30 years.  She is the Chair of the American Bar Association's (ABA) Mediation Committee and sits on the Board of Directors of the Southern California Mediation Association (SCMA).   Susan is America's Divorce Innovation Specialist bringing the newest and latest approaches and modalities to those going through the divorce process to help them to transform and move forward in a better way.  Susan has operated on a fully online basis as a family law mediator for several years and currently works with clients throughout the country and the world.  She is passionate about expanding access to mediation as a dispute resolution practice to an ever expanding public searching for alternatives to the adversarial litigation approach.  Susan founded Learn to Mediate Online in order to help fellow mediators and professionals to ethically and efficiently integrate the online platform into their practice.  She is presently working on an online on-demand training program to be available in the Spring of 2020!

Susan is also the Creator and Host of the iTunes top podcast, The Divorce & Beyond Podcast with Susan Guthrie, Esq. 

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Convenient and Efficient


In today's technologically advanced world clients are increasingly seeking and expecting the convenience of mediating online.  With online mediation, professionals can work with clients without regard for geographical location.  In addition, without the need for travel time, scheduling difficulties are greatly reduced.  Our training allows you to easily integrate the online platform into your existing practice allowing you to greatly increase your availability to a broader client base.

Cost-Effective Practice Approach


With the use of the online platform to provide mediation services, professionals can greatly reduce, or eliminate, their need for office or conference space.  In addition, online services greatly expand a practitioner's availability to a broader range of clients and more efficient scheduling of sessions.  By offering client's the option of online mediation, you can realize greater profits at less cost.  In just a few hours our trainings will help you to quickly and easily establish your online practice!

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