Gabrielle Hartley's Better Apart Method and certification

Gabrielle Hartley's Better Apart Method



Become a Certified Divorce Coach Today ONLINE with The Better Apart Method; For Lawyers, Mediators and Divorce Professionals

Improve your practice for yourself and for your clients. 

If you're considering learning more, begin with The Better Apart Basic Program

In just ONE 90-minute session you will learn to:

· Close your cases (even the "impossible" ones) with greater ease and efficiency.

· Save hours of wasted time, pointless effort and better serve your clients.

· Alleviate unwanted stress in your practice and in your cases.

· Guide your clients to manage the divorce process efficiently and assist them in making better decisions sooner.

· Increase insight, compassion, and shift your perspective of the divorce practice.

· Gain the skills and confidence to integrate the five core competencies (patience, respect, peace, clarity and forgiveness) into the substantive divorce issues.

· Manage your day and your client’s path on a positive track from the beginning.

Opportunities to go deeper are also available.  

Based upon Gabrielle's Best-Selling Book:

"Better Apart: The Radically Positive Way to Separate"